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Powered by WordPress, this website is built on an adapted version of the Twenty Seventeen theme; it also uses the Side Matter plugin by Christopher Setzer for its reference notes (sidenotes).

A Note on Sidenotes

I have designed the website so that the homepage displays my latest posts (“Notes”). However, an unusual side effect is that the numbering of the sidenotes is continuous on the homepage, rather than discontinuous (restarting from 1 at the beginning of each new post). For example, the second post displayed on the landing page will always contain sidenotes whose numbers follow successively from the first post above it. In view of this unsolved coding dilemma, I recommend that readers, should they wish to cite any of my posts, or more specifically the notes included in any post, navigate to the stable URL of that particular post so that the notes are enumerated in the correct order (i.e., beginning at 1).


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