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Refereed journal articles

  • C Rudge, ‘Challenging Pandemic Law: From Vaccine Mandates to Judicial Review of Vaccine Approvals’ (2024) Journal of Law and Medicine (accepted; forthcoming)
  • M O’Connor, C Rudge and C Stewart, ‘Sexual Boundary Violations by Doctors – Context, Regulatory Consequences and Preventive Strategies’ (2024) 31 Journal of Law and Medicine 70–87.
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  • C Rudge, ‘Book Review: Katrina Clifford, Policing, Mental Illness and Media: The Framing of Mental Health Crisis Encounters and Police Use of Force (Routledge, 2021)’ (2022) 34(3) Current Issues in Criminal Justice 334–338. DOI:
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  • C Rudge, ‘Facing Precarity’ (Editorial) (2016) 22 Philament 1 –26.
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  • C Rudge, ‘Actants at Any Depth: Bruno Latour and Henri Bergson at the Surface of Science’ (2013) 19 Philament np.

Book chapters

  • C Rudge and D Nicol, ‘Bioethical Decision-Making About Somatic Cell Genome Editing: Sickle-Cell Disease as a Case Study’ in Erick Valdés and Juan Alberto Lecaros (eds), Handbook of Bioethical Decisions. Volume I: Decisions at the Bench (Springer Nature, 2023) 49–77. DOI:
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  • C Rudge, ‘Novel Readings: Mind- and Emotion-Reading Devices in the Mid-Twentieth Century and in Philip K Dick’s The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch’ in Jarrad Cogle et al (eds), Portable Prose: The Novel and the Everyday (Lexington Books, 2019) 37–56.
  • C Rudge, ‘The Brain at Attention, under Hypnosis, and on Mescaline: Aldous Huxley’s Techniques for Actualizing Human Potential’ in Dana Sawyer, Julian Piras and Uwe Rasch (eds), Aldous Huxley and Self-Realization: His Concept of Human Potentialities, His Techniques for Actualizing Them, and His Views of Their Social Consequences (LIT Verlag, 2019) 103–147.
  • C Rudge, ‘The Shock of Dysrecognition: Biopolitical Subjects and Drugs in Dick’s Science Fiction’ in Not known (ed), The World According to Philip K Dick (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) 30–47.

Edited journals

  • C Rudge and B Worthy, ‘New Waves: Twenty-first-century Feminisms’ (2018) 23 Philament.


  • C Rudge, ‘Regulating Medical Practitioners in the Public Interest: A Qualitative Review of Public Interest-based Decisions of the Medical Council of NSW under s150 of the Health Practitioner Regulation (National Law) Act 2009 (NSW)’ (2018) Medical Council of NSW.
  • D Nicol, R Paxton, S Niemeyer, N Curato, J Dryzek, C Rudge, S Pemberton, F Veri, ‘Genome Editing: Formulating an Australian Community Response: Report to Decision Makers, Stakeholders And Members of the Public’ (2022) Centre for Law and Genetics, University of Tasmania, Occasional Paper 12,

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