Interview on Eastside FM

I recently published an article in the Conversation on proposed changes to the regulation of cosmetic surgery in Australia here. In essence, the state and territory Health Ministers have decided, after three years of consultation, to make the title ‘surgeon,’ as well as ‘cosmetic surgeon,’ a protected title. This will mean that cosmetic surgeons will need to undertake specialist training to call themselves a surgeon soon. At the moment, however, this is not the case. This change comes after more than twenty years’ debate on the subject, so it’s a notable change.1See, eg, Dale Jobson and Ian Freckelton, ‘The Changing Face of Cosmetic Surgery Regulation: A Review of Controversies and Potential Reforms’ (2022) 92(5) ANZ Journal of Surgery 964.

On these issues, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Daniel Bingham, the producer of the fantastic program Context, which is broadcast on East Side FM (89.7) on Thursday nights. The interview is available here. It runs for about 30 minutes and covers a range of topics about medical practitioner regulation.

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